Midlife is quite often a misunderstood stage in life. It can have both positive and negative effects on men and women, their family and friends. It is a stage in life that can have serious mental health repercussions including depression, greatly reduced confidence and self belief, and low Self Esteem.

What is more apparent is that individuals going through midlife may not recognise that the way they are feeling is because of their stage in life.

Learn how to transform, a ‘Midlife Crisis’ into an exciting new chapter of life.

Perhaps you long to make changes in your life, but lack the confidence, or perhaps the means to initiate these changes. This is why I developed this resource …to give you the opportunity to experience what is possible for you to achieve in you life.

Have a look at this short video.

Midlife is a time of reckoning and brings up big questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where Have I Been?
  • Where Am I Now?
  • Where Am I Going?
  • What Do I Care About?

The Midlife Transition program is suitable for a variety of delivery formats.

  • 1-1
  • Groups
  • Retreats

The program enables individuals to manage this stage of life in a positive way, and so minimise risk to their mental health and well being.

Participants of this program will:

  • Learn new tools to navigate successfully through this stage of life
  • Understand the process of Transition
  • Gain clarity on what needs to be sorted in their life
  • Understand what may be getting in the way of achieving future goals
  • Discover the real YOU
  • Set priorities and goals for a New Beginning
  • Leave with concrete “to dos” and a renewed energy and hope for the future

How do I know it works?

Take a look at our Testimonials to hear what people say about the Midlife Program.

“Very interesting and enjoyable. It made me realise all my positives, rather than dwell on my negative feelings. It gave me a hugh sense of  ‘hope’ for the future which is really the best I could ever have hoped for!! Thanks.” Jenny

“I was powerfully reminded that I am a strong, capable person and that work is not my identity. I am more content to know that the process of transition is “do-able”, and that good times can come again. Patricia

“I have a mantra I say daily.”The key to true happiness is the acceptance of reality”. I realise after participating on this program I know I have a better understanding and a set of tools to help me navigate through my midife transition and come to a place of peace and acceptance of my own reality in “the here and now”. Mairead 

Midlife Transition Workshop

I would be pleased to bring this workshop to you!

I require at least 12 people. I need an appropriate sized room, but I will provide the content, technical aids, workshop materials, etc.

“An opportunity to stay still and explore the issues in Midlife, and taking the time to listen and share with others our experiences.” Heather

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