Midlife Program

Midlife-Workbook-DVDVery interesting and enjoyable. It made me realise all my positives, rather than dwell on my negative feelings. It gave me a hugh sense of ‘hope’ for the future which is really the best I could ever have hoped for!! Thanks. Jenny 

An opportunity to stay still and explore the issues in Midlife, and taking the time to listen and share with others our experiences.  Heather 

I was powerfully reminded that I am a strong, capable person and that work is not my identity. I am more content to know that the process of transition is “do-able”, and that good times can come again. Patricia 

I have a mantra I say daily.”The key to true happiness is the acceptance of reality”. I realise after participating on this program I know I have a better understanding and a set of tools to help me navigate through my midife transition and come to a place of peace and acceptance of my own reality in the here and now. Mairead 

Program for Primary 7 pupils

Transitioning to Secondary school

my inner satnav coverThe Inner SATNAV programme has enabled my children to think about the necessary steps required in order to make a successful transition into their secondary level of education. Workshops were informative and tailored to suit the needs of all the children within my class. Positive discussions resulted in a better understanding of how best to deal with change. Thank you Linda for all your hard work!  Vice Principle

My Year 7 class engaged positively with the My Inner Satnav programme. They enjoyed the opportunity to interact and reflect on the key issues affecting them as they prepare for post-primary school. They liked the freedom to individually express their feelings and emotions through discussion and the workbooks. The children and the control they have over their actions and words have been well explored. I feel they are more insightful and self-aware having completed the programme. My Inner Satnav is a vital component in preparation for leaving primary school and starting post-primary. It addresses the feelings, emotions and concerns that are very real in eleven year olds lives and provides effective, positive strategies to employ.  Many thanks Linda.  Year 7 Teacher

Linda the Inner SatNav work you have just completed with my son and his P7 classmates is just fantastic. A wonderful way to prepare them for their journey into secondary but also such a positive experience for them to think & consider. I feel truly grateful Thank you. Parent of  year 7 Pupil

A BIG thank you to all at Enniskillen Integrated Primary School involved in organising the Inner SATNAV program with Linda Johnston for P7’s -investing in our children’s emotional health and well being.  As a parent with a child in secondary ( who attended EIPS) who is now experiencing significant mental health problems as a result of sustained bullying – I can’t underestimate the importance of projects such as this. This is exactly what the education system needs to be providing for our children- preparing not only for their transition into secondary, but in supporting & helping them to better understand and manage their emotions. It’s so important to prepare them for navigating what has in current times become a rather more complex world. I think EIPS should be congratulated on taking the initiative to provide this extra support and thank you Linda for the excellent programme Thanks so much again. Parent of year 7 Pupil.

Staff Training
Understanding Children’s Temperament

Emotional Health_Schools_Page_1Excellent program, so relevant to my teaching. There needs to be more schools doing this.   Year 2 Teacher

Excellent at making me more aware of how each individual has different temperaments and how to take this on board within my workplace.  Classroom Assistant

Relaxed and informative. It gave me lots of food for thought. It was very useful to have strategies for dealing with different temperaments in the classroom.    Health Education Co-ordinator

Interesting and fun. Great to explore the many strategies suitable to children’s range of temperaments.    Vice Principle

I was a bit anxious at first not knowing what to expect, but then really enjoyed it when we all got talking together in small groups.   Teaching Assistant

Highly relevant, informative and enjoyable. Really fun, interactive activities.    Year 7 Teacher

Interesting, informative, thought provoking practical and very useful in terms of assisting my classroom practice.   Special needs Co-ordinator

Excellent. I felt it enabled people to take on board the different traits/abilities/challenges met daily by children and also ourselves as adults. Hopefully this will stay with us all when we meet challenges throughout the year.    Classroom Assistant

 I enjoyed the workshop because it really made you aware of everybody’s temperament traits and how we are all so very unique and individual.   Special needs classroom assistant

This has given me something to think about and feel more confident in judging what is going through a child’s mind.    Classroom Assistant

Informative, relaxed, thought-provoking and fun.    Principal

As a teacher I am constantly adapting my reactions and responses to pupil temperaments. It is something I’ve always been conscious of during my career, and I found it refreshing to explore this again and maybe adapt a few of my behaviors.    Year 6 Teacher

Simply wonderful! I could listen to Mrs Johnston all day. Her very calm tone aids the presentation and puts you at immediate ease. I was willing to give anything a go and took on board many of the very simple suggestions she provided – it doesn’t have to be difficult work. Thank you.   Year 1 Teacher

How to make this your best year ever

I have become clearer on what my vision is and how to keep focused on what I want. My Ideal Day is becoming more clearer now. Dympna

It has helped me focus on my goals and has given me a plan to follow to achieve success in what I want to do. John

This workshop came along at exactly the right time. When I had been mulling over ideas in my head – knowing they might never come to anything – now I believe things which have been inwardly important can be externally met – with work, planning and time.  Kate

I feel I am now in a much more positive mind/emotional space and ready to move on to the next phase, embracing future goals aided by the support and clarity handed to me via discussion/freedom and tools provided during the course.  Rose

I would probably not have launched into writing my book – at least not immediately. I would have procrastinated and made excuses. Now I am much more focused, about other goals as well. I am also beginning to develop better habits – the one hour a day being one of them. This workshop was perfectly timed.  Helen

This course has given me the tools and focus to make 2017 my best year ever in just one hour a day. I really enjoyed the personal experiental learning on the course and look forward to facing the new year with new self belief and confidence.  Mairead