Navigating Primary to Secondary School

As we all know the move from primary to secondary school means a number of major changes for all P7 pupils. Change can be scary and overwhelming as they let go of the known to face the unknown. Most children will cope with these changes and get accustomed to their new school environment. However, some can flounder, finding it difficult to adapt to their new journey.

‘My Inner SATNAV’ gives Year 7 students the opportunity to understand their individuality; explore what makes them fearful when thinking about the next step in their journey; and equipping them with a road map and the necessary steps and tools to ensure a successful journey to their next step.

Weekly Sessions

Temperament – The Key to Self Awareness

After my twins were born (32 years ago) as part of my psychology study, I became very interested in the subject of Temperament. I was curious to know why it was that my twins, who had the same parents, were born at the same time, lived in the same environment, went to the same school, and learned the same things at the same time, could be so different? Temperament helped me to understand the ‘WHY’.

Now as a parent of five boys I am so grateful I had this knowledge. It gave me a different perspective and helped me parent my children in a way that matched their temperament. It gave me the option to anticipate problems, determine strategies, and address difficulties, before they become unworkable.

I include this information on Temperament in ‘My Inner SATNAV’. This gives the children a much better understanding of themselves, and enables them to transition into secondary school with more confidence and strategies under their belt, to face some of the obstacles and difficulties that will inevitably occur. Here is an animation I worked on with my son Aaron which introduces adults to the subject of Temperament.